The following provider groups are now participating in a care coordination program for Medicare Fee-For-Service beneficiaries called the Accountable Care Coalition of Georgia.

  • Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc
  • Coastal Community Health Services, Inc.
  • Curtis V Cooper Primary Health Care
  • Diversity Health Center, Inc.
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center, Inc
  • First Choice Primary Care Inc
  • Georgia Highlands Medical Services, Inc
  • Georgia Mountains Health Services, Inc
  • Health Education Assessment and Leadership, Inc
  • Mckinney Medical Center, Inc.
  • Medlink Georgia Inc.
  • Neighborhood Improvement Project, Inc
  • Oakhurst Medical Centers, Inc
  • Palmetto Health Council, Inc
  • Primary Care of Southwest Georgia, Inc
  • Primary Health Care Center Of Dade, Inc
  • South Central Primary Care Center, Inc
  • Southwest Georgia Health Care, Inc
  • Tendercare Clinic, Inc
  • Valley Healthcare System, Inc

We encourage you to use this site to find out more about this program and the improved care it will enable us to provide.


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